• Guaranteed climatic chamber conditioning • Resolution ± 2% • Lifetime 2 times superior to other desiccants

Propadyn® is a passive, yet dynamic, biodegradable and natural moisture regulator designed to stabilize Relative Humidity (RH) levels inside showcases when they are waterproof. High performance in the long term product is able to absorb up to 160% of its weight with great responsiveness. Its exceptional efficiency makes it possible to minimize the quantities to be placed in the spaces reserved for desiccants. At the slightest change in humidity Propadyn® reacts immediately, thus avoiding any risk of damaging variation. High performance this product does not release any particles or liquids. It resists VOCs and absorbs them. It can also be regenerated in a climatic chamber. Propadyn® comes in a rigid polypropylene holder and each cassette is individually vacuum packed (5 years life in this packaging). Full documentation on request, tested at the Defense Historical Service, C2RMF, the Louvre, the Musée de l'Ephebe and the BNF.

Characteristics: exists in three packs: • Packaging of 200 g: Sun: H 115 x W 300 x D 12 mm. For climatic conditioning of 40, 45, 50 and 55%. Protection of 0.50 m3. • 400 g packaging: sun: H 115 x W 300 x D 22 mm. For climatic conditioning of 40, 45, 50 and 55%. Protection of 1 m3.Other conditioning between 30 and 80%: contact us. • Propadyn® sheet: size: 330 x 330 mm (divisible into 9 parts to obtain the desired size to put in a frame, a drawer, a box or any type of packaging). Protection up to 0.40 m3. Can be kept for several years in its waterproof packaging. On request, analyze your specific needs upon receipt of different criteria: contact us.

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