Sustainable development

Because natural resources are limited, Promuseum has been committed for many years to an eco-construction process of recycling and a circular economy.

Promuseum charter

Catalog management

Each year, Promuseum presents its various products in paper and dematerialized format. Every year we try to reduce the number of copies printed in order to limit the ecological footprint of the paper version publication in favor of online catalogs that are increasingly interactive, ergonomic and equipped with a dynamic search engine. The selected papers come from the FSC standard and use ecological inks. A major campaign to encourage people to abandon paper in favor of digital tools was carried out when the new responsive website went online in order to continue these efforts. The paper leftovers are obviously recycled at an eco-organization close to the company.

Packaging and recycling of waste

Sorting is one of the first principles respected by our teams. All our sites are managed and optimized with specific waste management. Wood waste (sawdust, waste paint and natural varnish) after being sorted is recycled by certified organizations. Promuseum also favors wood, cardboard and paper packaging and recovers new packaging in tonnage equivalent.

Membership in Valdelia

Since the creation of Valdélia in 2011, Promuseum has been a member in order to offer its customers a collection of its end-of-life furniture (eco-contribution mechanism) and offers establishments that wish to offer a second life to furniture still in good use thanks to a collaborative platform (for more information, write to us at ).


Promuseum favors recyclable materials such as glass, steel, wood in the development of its products as well as geographic proximity to sources of supply.

Eco-responsibility and digitization

Promuseum promotes eco-responsibility in its daily practices such as waste sorting, recycling, energy efficiency, and ensures the comfort of its employees (ergonomic environment). For several years, Promuseum has also promoted the digitization of documentary databases and the dematerialization of invoicing.

Our partners


Founded in 2011, Valdelia is a non-profit eco-organization approved by the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition, whose mission is to collect and recycle Waste from Professional Furnishing Elements (DEA Pro). Thanks to its national sector, it offers local, tailor-made and free services to communities, companies and associations of all sizes and from all sectors. Financed by an eco-contribution posted on the sale price of all new professional furniture, Valdelia works on behalf of 1,400 members placing on the market: manufacturers, distributors, importers of new professional furniture. Its existence responds to strategic environmental, economic, social and societal issues as well as to a legal obligation.


Co-Recyclage, an environmental and social company, advises and optimizes your resources and the reduction of your waste by reuse, reuse and support in material recycling.

Our digital tools and our field expertise are at your service to give a second life to your scenographies, furniture, equipment and materials, as well as to accompany your waste to the right sector.


Recycling instructions

As part of the Eco-contribution Promuseum provides you with a document below allowing you to understand the process of collecting and processing used furniture.

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