Japan paper rolls

• Globally recognized for its high quality

• A must-have for restorers for its strength, texture and flexibility

Made in Japan

Japanese papers are mainly used for the restoration of documents, especially for dubbing and repairing graphic works (filling gaps, consolidating tears) or for installing false margins intended to power a document. Papers: - Kozo is used in Japan paper making and accounts for nearly 80% of all paper production used in catering. Cultivated annually, Kozo is made of long fibers (10 mm on average) which usually gives strong and resistant papers. - Mitsumata and Gampi are rarer plant essences. Mitsumata usually produces shiny, denser, noisy paper when creased, while Gampi produces fine, clear, and rather glossy papers. Depending on the fiber treatment, the choice of the preferred plant species and the production itself, these characteristics may vary and the papers differ in color (off-white, golden, light yellow, cream, etc.) only thickness or texture. To facilitate your choice, we offer a sample chart on request to 26.30 € HT, refundable to the first order> 300 € HT For any special request, possibility of direct custom manufacturing of Japan: contact us.

Features: Japanese papers for preventive and curative preservation are of excellent quality and traditionally handmade. Comprised of cellulosic fibers from the wood of some shrub varieties, the Washi (wa: "Japanese", shi: "paper") are mainly made from mulberry tree species. The most commonly used fibers are Kozo, Mitsumata and Gampi.

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