Exposium Walls in Italy

Exposium Walls in Italy

Published on 25/05/2021 à 07:46

Our Exposium walls for the Great Corridor of the Classense Library (Ravenna - Italy)

The Società Dantesca Italiana and the National Committee for the celebrations of the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri have organized an exhibition entitled "Inclusa est flamma. Ravenna 1921: the centenary of the death of Dante".

This is the first of three exhibitions that make up the Dante exhibition project. This major exhibition runs from September 12, 2020 to July 17, 2021 and includes rare books, posters, photographs, paintings, manuscripts and many art objects offered in tribute to Dante and the city that was the poet's "last refuge".

Each of the objects, testimonies of the "official" history, will be the occasion to tell particular stories, often unknown to the general public and sometimes surprising.

The itinerary will be punctuated by several books of signatures from Dante's tomb and the Classense Library, which collect the autographs of illustrious visitors but also of ordinary citizens who, between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, wished to testify to their feelings during their visit to Dante's tomb.

To exhibit in the Great Corridor, the Società Dantesca Italiana and the Committee asked Promuseum Italia for an exhibition solution that would allow for quick installation and great modularity. They also needed a system that would allow them to create graphics and hang paintings.

Promuseum Italia proposed our Exposium walls.

This ultra-light and modular wall allows great freedom in the choice of scenography and layout. The white melamine laminate version is resistant and washable and can be used to display graphics, texts or images.

Here the walls has been used to display texts and adhesive graphic elements, but also to hang pictures.

Numerous options are available in order to make the product evolve according to the needs: cable management, solid panel (for the integration of a showcase or the fixing of a screen), integration of door, realization of portico.

The junction parts offer multiple possible combinations.

The three exhibitions are available in virtual visits on the site: http://www.mar.ra.it/Dante.Gli-occhi-e-la-mente/

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