Vitrine haute modulaire Mexs

• Removable and modular • Waterproof • Compartment for desiccant • Inert • An exhibition window combining modularity and strength, aesthetics and answers to conservation constraints

For temporary exhibitions and itinerant Mexs showcase offers a real solution to expose your collections in accordance with the standards of safety and conservation without losing flexibility. Indeed, its innovative design allows you to store and move the windows completely disassembled. The editing is extremely simple and allows to place the collections in the exhibition space just before the closing of the showcase. Each glass plate is mounted in a steel profile equipped with a gasket that collapses during assembly to ensure watertightness. The assembly is made by simple screws and requires no tools or special skills. A lacquered aluminum cover provides a neat and aesthetic finish. This patent allows autonomy of the exposure part which can come to be positioned on different types of base. Thus, for temporary exhibition spaces this system also offers a versatility in the use of the showcase park. If necessary, any glass wall can be ordered separately. At the delivery we also offer help for the first assembly, contact us. Thanks to its patent, the Mexs showcase is easily available in large sizes: up to 2.25 m in height and width of exposure.

The high showcase Mexs offers you all the features of the most demanding museum showcases. We propose you in width 700, 1 450 and 2 250 mm for a depth of 70 cm. The 4 faces of the showcase as well as the roof are in laminated glass. The proposed models do not constitute all the possibilities in terms of dimensions: study and estimate on request. Model proposed in 2 heights and 2 heights of base. Characteristics: the base of the showcase is equipped with a compartment for desiccant product to offer a system of passive regulation of the relative humidity by cassette type proSorb. Its structure is entirely made of sheet metal and lacquered epoxy (high resistance paint baked) to guarantee you solidity and inertia. The exhibition space is made of extra clear laminated glass or, in optimal quality, extra-light, anti-reflective glass for a "glass-free" effect (price on request). Safety: laminated glass guarantees 98% UV blocking. The invisible opening system and the anti-burglary character of laminated glass give these windows a very high level of security. The showcase Mexs is offered in showcase table and high showcase. Different pedestals are also available. For table windows, a solid base or bridge-shaped (price on request). For tall windows a low base or a high base. Accessories available: the high cabinets can be equipped with shelves mounted on cleat, adjustable in height. In the roof of the showcase, LED lighting with adjustable spotlights, dimmable in light intensity. The power supply is concealed under the finishing profile. Illuminating roof with complete LED plate: price on request. Other colors, other dimensions: contact us. Laminated glass 55.2 ep. 10,76 mm extra clear or extra clear Clarity anti-glare, please contact us. Profile in 25 x 25 mm black lacquered RAL 9005. Base in lacquered metal sheet thickness. 3 mm on steel tube structure section 20 mm. Water resistance: 0,1 air exchange per day. Port extra: consult us.

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